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Keese is a born and raised Charlottesville hip hop artist creating hard hitting records with visuals to go with them. I caught up with him to get some details on his life and hear more about his future projects and to take photos of course.
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Capture the Creative w/ Keese

Keese is a name I have heard in and around Charlottesville for a while now. While reading various articles and seeing all of his music videos and visuals, I was inspired to reach out and get him on the site. There is something to say about an artist who not only puts time and effort into creating music but Keese also works with local videographers to create visual stories to go along with his music.


We met on the courts above West Haven for our shoot. Before we could get a shot off, a tow truck showed up which made us move his car to side street parking. As we made our way back to the courts we passed a baby blue Cadillac and I had to get a shot of him in front of it. I am a sucker for an old school Cadillac and turns out he had previously owned a few a while back. We moved around the block sharing stories of who we knew around the area and what projects we were working on. Meet Keese.

STUDIGS: Thanks for being apart of the Capture the Creative series Keese. Tell em who you are and what you do.

KEESE: I go by the name “Keese”, I’m a HipHop artist from Charlottesville, VA.


How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music seriously for about 6 years now

I’ve always been surrounded by music.

What got you into music? What kinds of music were you listening to growing up? 

Well, I’ve always been surrounded by music. My father was in a local Gogo band and my mother sings in a choir, so I listened to all kinds of music growing up, hiphop, r&b, and oldies are the top 3 though.


How long have you been serious about making it your career?

I’ve been serious about music since I first started writing, which has been my whole life, haha.


Do you get more engagement around your music here in Charlottesville or are you noticing it in other cities?

I definitely get love in Charlottesville and it’s starting to grow in other cities as well. People in different places hit me up all the time and tell me how much they love my music.


What are your thoughts on Listening Parties for new albums? Have you ever hosted one?

I think it’s a must to be honest! I didn’t necessarily have a “listening party” but I did have a release show for false hope, the turn out was great!

Do you prefer large shows or a smaller spot that is a little more low key?

The larger shows are dope! But I love the small intimate shows because it’s just a different feel.


Name some main motivators to create your music.

I’m motivated by the smallest things, so I can’t really point out one specific thing or person

I love soulful production.

What is your ideal beat to rap over? Do you have a certain type of producer you look to work with?

I love soulful production, it’s nothing like a good sample! I have a few producers in mind but one in particular would be Dj Dahi.


One way to promote an album is to make dad hats with the title of it on them. Where did the inspiration to make the “False Hope” dad hats come from, and are they still available for sale?

It’s all about marketing and getting your product out the best way you know how. You have to keep up with the times and capitalize on it. I’m currently out of stock but I will have more soon.

Whats coming up for you in the near future?

Well, I’ve just been writing a lot lately. I would say I’m on the first stages of a new project. I plan to do more shows soon also.


Anything you want people to focus on when they look for your work?

I want people to hear what I’m saying and don’t just listen, but visualize it.

Keep and eye out for Keese on his social channels. Get to know him and his music by following the links below:





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